Anthony Le

12 Years Experience in Commercial, TV, and Film


Who I Am

I started my career in video production immediately after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin in 2006. I moved to Houston, Texas and trained under a seasoned and masterful mentor for several years. After gaining everything that I could I moved out West to further expand my arsenal of skills in Los Angeles where I lived and worked for 5 years on various types of TV and Film productions. In 2015 I returned to Houston bringing with me the knowledge I had gained in hopes of further expanding the Houston video industry.

I have a deep love for TV and Film but am also ecstatic about the current trends in digital video marketing and where it is taking the industry. Video has never been as impactful as it is today so I keep a contant eye on its' direction and evolution.


I bleed creativity through every project I undertake. My videos are fueled by over a decade of experience and passion that will not fade.


Working closely with a dedicated crew and talented actors I find unique stories and materialize them through the visual medium of video. 


I have worked with small and large budgets, single and state wide locations, and brought exceptional professionals in the TV and FILM industry together to create masterful works.


Having spent years working in marketing I have the ability to develop creative video content to reach, engage, and ultimately sway your target audience into converting.


My Work

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Zohzo needed to showcase its line of products to parents of newborns and toddlers. Our videography team utilized informative and engaging videos and photos to accomplish this goal.
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Camber Villas
For incoming students going to Texas A&M University or Bryan College, they want a place that appeals to them. Our video production team ensured Camber Villas came across as the place to live.
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Dr. Z the Kid Dentist
Signature Smiles wanted a fun and entertaining advertising campaign that would encapsulate all the steps they’ve taken to cater to pediatric dental patients. The Dr. Z campaign was a huge success.
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Prime Social Poker Club
The idea behind Prime Social is to bring Vegas to Houston. Our commercial shoot successfully displayed all the incredible aspects of the poker club to entice the viewer to become a member.
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Garcia McMillan
This Houston law firm needed brand identity. In a city full of lawyers, our team of web designers, photographers, and videographers established Garcia McMillan’s brand identity through visual mediums.
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Car enthusiasts want a car enthusiast taking care of their vehicle. EVS wanted to exemplify the fact that their love for automobiles extends to the vehicles of their clients. Our video shoot demonstrated this passion.



Animation is an effective tool businesses can use to connect with their customers, build trust, and establish branding. Here is a sample of some of my animation work.


What They Say

Anthony took my ideas and ran with it. He created a very effective video for my business that helped drive traffic to my website and into my store.


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